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Ableforth's Cold Distilled Absinthe (50cl, 91.2%)

by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth

(Out of stock)

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Product Info

An excellent and surprisingly approachable absinthe given that it's bottled at a jaw-dropping 91.2% abv!


A supremely delicious absinthe from the legendary Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. He crafts this fine spirit by macerating a selection of superb botanicals in English wheat spirit. These botanicals include traditional fare such as Artemisia Absinthium (Grand Wormwood, from which this spirit gets its name), Aniseed, Fennel and Liquorice, and a select blend of contemporary ingredients including Coriander Seed, Fresh Lemon Peel, and Bitter Orange Peel.


After the ingredients have been allowed to macerate, the Professor cold-distils the spirit in a vacuum still (producing a crystal clear distillate). This extraordinary vacuum still technique allows the liquid in the Professor's most marvellous contraption to boil at no more than room temperature, retaining all the freshness and extraordinary vibrancy of the botanicals used in its preparation. You won't get much (if any) louche effect here!

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